Tuesday, 16 Dec 7pm - Open Mic

Free Live Music at The Laneway Lounge

Wednesday, 17 Dec 7pm - Adam Hall and The Velvet Playboys

Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys are somewhat of an institution of the Perth music scene. Formed in 2005, the band is renowned for its captivating live performances, which are marked by slick presentation and raw energy. Along with Adam (Vocals/Trumpet) it features some of Western Australia’s finest musicians.



Thursday, 18 Dec 7.30pm - Libby Hammer Trio

With a background in musical theatre and circus, five years of music study and 16 years of music industry experience, Libby is one of Western Australia's most popular and respected jazz vocalists.



Friday, 19 Nov 5.30pm - Beto Quintero

Beto Quintero brings a mix of world music to The Laneway Lounge. A 3 hour DJ set inspired by the music of Hotel Costes (Paris) and Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza).

Friday, 19 Nov 9pm - Astrid Ripepi Quartet

Astrid Ripepi is a soulful pianist, singer & songwriter. Astrid’s interest towards music started at the early age of 3 as her mother heard Astrid “pling plonging” on the keys of the piano before she could even see them. Astrid's fascination for the piano and love for music led Astrid to pursue her passion at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts majoring in piano. 

Saturday, 20 Nov 6pm - Dean Anderson Duo

Dean Anderson is a singer songwriter who has been around Perth’s live music scene for years. Listen to his soulful, acoustic versions of well-known contemporary, rock and pop songs. From the classics, to the hits of today, Dean’s extensive repertoire has something for everyone. 


Saturday, 20 Nov 9pm - Alcatraz

With performing styles ranging from Jazz, Funk/Soul/R&B material right through to contemporary Pop, Rock and Top 40 hits, Alcatraz’s repertoire ensures that there is something for every type of music lover. Alcatraz’s high energy performances are engaging, seamlessly combining both old and new material.