Private Booths: Our curtained Private Booths consist of elegant and unique chairs/sofas matched with tapas-styled tables. They are designed for intimate gatherings for up to 10 guests but they can be joined to suit parties of up to 40 people. Bookings for Friday/Saturday evenings only by email ( and a minimum spend of $600 per booth is applied.

Lounge Sets: Similar furniture to our Private Booths however are located openly in the lounge without the curtains. We have 2 options available, one suitable for up to 6 people (Option A) and the other up to 8 people (Option B). Bookings for Friday/Saturday evenings only by email (, Option A has a minimum spend of $360 and Option B $480.

Main Lounge: This area has tables to suit groups of 2 to 6 people with tapas-styled tables. Not available for bookings on Friday/Saturday evenings as they are used for walk-ins.

High Long Tables (bar): Ideal for any occasion which requires a mixture of seating and standing as they come with 10 bar stools but more room in the surrounding area accommodating up to 20 people. Minimum of 15 people per table applies on Friday/Saturday evenings.

Live Dining Room: This room is designed for a dining experience accompanied by live music. Tables are available for groups from 2 to 20 people. Session times are below.

Tuesday: 7pm Dinner & Open Mic Night
Wednesday: 7.30pm Dinner & Live Jazz Session
Thursday: 7.30pm Dinner & Live Jazz Session
Friday: *6.15pm Dinner & Live Acoustic Session / **9.30pm Supper & Late Night Soul Session
Saturday: *6.15pm Dinner & Live Jazz Session / **9.30pm Supper & Late Night Music Session

*Arrival at any time before 7pm as long as the tables are vacated by 8:45 pm
**Tables only available from 9:15pm. Please feel welcome to arrive earlier for drinks at the bar.

Bookings over 20 people only by email (
All confirmed tables booked will be released after 15 minutes of the reservation time.

Laneway Lounge Bookings by Dimmi